Speaking French! Contact Patrice Vivient at Multiboat for information.
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Creme Fraes have their own fansite like they should have considering the loads of cool movies and fantastic pictures published there. A visit is a must!
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Pia LÓbry and Seafari AB is a well proven high speed boat dealer and the SeaCart 30 is the first boat that you acctually can sleep inside in their boat collection. Contact details: Box 1235, 131 28 Nacka Strand, Sweden. Ph.0707-334450, 0707-334457.
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Seacat Marine in Sweden sell the RSA famous Seacat RIB catamarans. Contact Seacat Marine AB . Pampas Marina . Karlbergs strand 4 . 171 73 Solna .
Ph. 08 30 37 00 . Cell. 0735 30 79 49
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MARC LOMBARD | SeaCart 30 Designer
Marc Lombard Naval Architecture's office is specialised in performance sailing boats since 1982. Marc and Ass. have developped a high standard of experience in the different fields of design: Technical, like fluid mechanics, resistance and propulsion analysys or into the structural design for custom or industrial construction, but also in the more traditionnal aspects of esthetic, deck layout and interior design. Our experience includes racing and cruising design multi and mono hull from 16 to 140 ft vessels. Production or Custom design. Our latest racing designs includes successfull mini-transat N°429, 60' ORMA Trimarans of generation 2002/2003 and 60' Mono-Open, MOCRA, 2004/2005 design "VM Materiaux" for Jean Lecam and "Veolia Environment" for Roland Jourdain and will be at the start of the 2008/2009 Vendée Globe. For any enquiry on racing design, ask Marc Lombard or Eric Levet.
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Sportsmohr has a sailing team in Kiel - good for test sailing sessions if you live in Germany.
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If you living in UK contact Helena Darvelid, based in Weymouth.
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SeaCart 30 on the Facebook. This Italian group shares the joy of sailing the only 30ft trimaran that love to fly hulls! Join the Group today!
Publish date: 2009.02.11
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NORTH SAILS | SC30 Sail partner
North Sails has become the world leader in sailmaking through an ongoing commitment to making sails faster, lighter and longer lasting. Racing is our passion. The SeaCart 30 sail inventory includes three faster and longer lasting sail setup's: SeaCart Grand Prix, SeaCart Regatta , SeaCart Cruising. Three set's with smooth crossovers between each sail, closely developed with North's Flow / Membrane design analysis software. The sails are delivered with a detailed SeaCart Tuning Guide to add more sail value and to keep your crew up in speed and crew work.
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MARSTROMS | Builder of the first 15 boats ”MK I - MK II”
Marstrom Boats are the builder of the ”ex” Olympic Tornado with 1200 hulls built with Prepreg/Nomex technology. The Tornado has proved to have the longest racing life of the Olympic classes which proves that quality is the route to low running costs. Marstrom Spars is one of the most experienced producers of Carbon Prepreg masts with 3500 mast tubes built to date, all with a seamless laminate cured at 3-5 bars and 125 C.
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Here you find information about most brands on the multihull market. Nice informative piece of the SeaCart 30.
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